Offering Greek to Go

Chicken souvlaki with fresh vegetables on a flatbread, a taste of our Greek to go.

Acropolis Grill is offering Greek to go to any Chattanoogans looking to take the hassle out of lunch or dinner. Let us take care of the food so you can enjoy your day! Our family-style Greek kitchen offers Greek salad, pita with tzatziki and hummus, kebabs, baklava, and more. We also provide salad bowls and deli boxes, so plenty of options are available for ways to take the kefi with you.

But What is Kefi (κεφι)?

Greece is full of joy and excitement. This atmosphere is contagious and shared with everyone who visits. That emotion is called kefi, and it is something that is so deeply ingrained in Greek culture that there is no English equivalent. Kefi is a term that has a limited translation when going from Greek to English, sometimes simply defined as “fun.” When asking native Greek speakers, it is evident that kefi holds a much deeper, more meaningful definition. That’s the definition we want to instill in our Greek to go. Kefi encompasses feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and contentment, conveying a strong appreciation for life. While this is more descriptive than the bare-bones translation, it still does not fully capture kefi’s true essence.

Kefi is a Way You Interact with the World Around You

Kefi is more than a word, it’s a lifestyle. It’s referred to as the “Spirit of Greece,” a way to find contentment regardless of the circumstances. It expresses the ability to remain in a good mood no matter what. Adopting this mentality is a healthy way to make the most of life and is how we operate at Acropolis Grill. Greeks recognize that they can’t always have power over external circumstances, but we do have the capacity to choose our internal outlook and mood. Kefi is not just a way to find joy in good times but a way to remain content even in difficult situations.

Take the Kefi With You Through Our Greek to Go

We Greeks have a variety of ways to express our kefi. Examples include dancing, making music, and sharing meals with friends and family. This is precisely behind the love we put into our Greek to go. Cooking for us is a communal act, eating meals is a way to connect with the people we care about around us. Ultimately, those who have found their kefi can appreciate the good moments in life regardless of the circumstances. All of us at Acropolis would like to share that with you.

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