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Acropolis Mediterranean Grill, a Chattanooga Restaurant

What encompasses everything Acropolis has to offer? We decided “Greek • Comfort • Food.” These three things together and separately describe what type of Chattanooga restaurant Acropolis is. We offer Greek comfort food, but that’s not all we are:


At Acropolis, you get a true taste of Greek life and culture, not just in the food but in the atmosphere. There’s a Greek word, kefi, which means a spirit of joy, passion, and enthusiasm. It’s something you’ll see in the faces of our guests and staff, as well as an energy under our roof. The rich Greek flavors, an abundance of seasonings and a diverse array of foods culminate to create a Greek cuisine in a Chattanooga restaurant filled with genuine kefi.


We want you to be as comfortable in our home as you would be in yours. In Greek culture, there is great importance placed on dining together with friends and family. That includes you! At Acropolis, we turn meals into social events that keep bringing your family back to our Chattanooga restaurant. Spending time together around the table laughing and relishing the company of others is the true cornerstone of Greek dining. You feel comfortable here.


Eating like a Greek is more than enjoying fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wines. It’s kefi, it’s comfort, it’s love all cooked into each dish. It’s unbelievable, generational recipes that delight every taste bud. It’s turning everyday meals into a celebration. Of course, traditional Greek foods are focused on what the Mediterranean region provides, but even if you order a dish that isn’t exclusive to Athens it will have come from the same authentically Greek kitchen with the hospitality of a Chattanooga restaurant.

Acropolis Mediterranean Grill:
Greek • Comfort • Food

At Acropolis, we are your local Chattanooga Restaurant. We’re your family’s opportunity to slow down, connect, and share a meal together with your community. Back in 1951 when our founder Teddy Kyriakidis immigrated to America he brought with him the spirit of Greece. His family continues to carry on his love of Greek cooking and the tastes of Athens. Greek • Comfort • Food. These three words are what make Acropolis special, and are what you’ll find each day you come to visit.

What encompasses everything Acropolis has to offer? We decided “Greek. Comfort. Food.” These three things together and separately describe what typ...
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