5 Great Excuses to Buy a Cake from Acropolis Grill

Make Life Sweeter with Treats from Our Chattanooga Bakery

Made-from-scratch cakes from our Chattanooga bakery

Mary Oliver wrote, “Joy is not made to be a crumb,” and we could not agree more. We firmly believe that joy is all around, and we have the power to create and share it at will. One great way we share joy at Acropolis is through delicious food. There’s power in feeding the people we love, especially when times are hard. There are so many simple ways we can share joy, and show up for the people we care about, and one of them is– you guessed it– cake.

Cake is a cornerstone of many celebrations, but there are plenty of reasons to buy delicious baked goods apart from the obvious ones. (As if you really need an excuse!) So here are 5 great reasons to buy a cake from our Chattanooga bakery at Acropolis.

1– Make dinner special!

The weeks are long, and we can all use something to look forward to. So why not look forward to cake? Surprise your family, friends, or roommates with a special after-dinner treat from Acropolis.

2– Celebrate something small.

It doesn’t have to be your birthday or anniversary to warrant a celebration. Sometimes small accomplishments deserve proper recognition too. Did you have a small success at work? Did your son get an A on a school paper? Pull out all the stops with a special dessert.

3– Give a gift.

Give the gift of cake. Let your friend know you’re thinking of her. Show someone you miss them. Or even say ‘I’m sorry’ with a cake or dessert from our Chattanooga bakery. Think ‘just because’ flowers, but in the form of indulgent, sugary perfection.

4– Encourage a neighbor.

People are feeling more isolated than ever right now. Encourage a lonely neighbor by taking them a delicious cake. Nothing says “I’m here for you” quite like a made-from-scratch cake.

5– Shop local.

Buy a cake to support local business. It feels great to shop small, and support our local economy, especially during times such as these. Add cake as an end result, and you’ve got the greatest cake-shopping excuse in existence.

Just know, you don’t need an excuse to indulge in delicious baked goods from our Chattanooga bakery. We’re here baking fresh cakes and desserts daily to spread a little joy. We hope you find some ways to share joy too. It isn’t made to be a crumb!

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