25 Years of Acropolis– Thank You, Chattanooga

July 2020 marks 25 years of Chattanooga Restaurant, Acropolis Grill.

The Kyriakidis family and restaurant staff are proud members of the Chattanooga community, and look forward to many more years of breaking bread with each of you. Feeding your families at our Chattanooga restaurant, and strengthening the community together has been the greatest honor.

The Acropolis Grill we know today took its shape over time, breaking through the soil of a beautifully rich history. After an impressive quarter century of food service to the community, the authentic Greek restaurant has earned its place as a Chattanooga staple where dining out is concerned. Although, perhaps the most beautiful piece of this story is a community support that flows two ways. Not only has Acropolis owner, Nick Kyriakidis, worked to support the community when times have been tough throughout the years, but also, the Chattanooga community has shown their support by way of 25 years of eating the food lovingly prepared in the Acropolis kitchen.

It’s a mutual admiration such as this that affords a restaurant this kind of longevity, and Kyriakidis is feeling the weight of that now during the COVID-19 pandemic more than ever. “We want to give a big ‘thank you’ to the Chattanooga community,” Kyriakidis said. “We could not continue without your ongoing support.”

Our Chattanooga restaurant is so honor to have served the community for 25 years!

According to Kyriakidis, the restaurant’s “Always Fresh, Always Family” tagline rings truer now than ever before in light of current circumstances. The current climate, if nothing else, has shined a bright spotlight on the importance of social connectedness, community bonds, and perseverance through difficult times.

Kyriakidis has sought to respond in kind as the community works to overcome so much– from global health crisis to local tornado relief. Acropolis has shown support to the Chattanooga community over the past several weeks, donating $1000 in Acropolis gift cards to tornado victims and more than 300 meals to victims and volunteers.

“We wanted to help in the best way we could,” Kyriakidis said. “The tornado was so close, and we felt particularly fortunate that we were spared, and left in a position to help our neighbors as well as those who came out of the woodwork to help them.”

The Kyriakidis family has also worked to take care of their staff and customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis, keeping the restaurant operating in some capacity the entire time.

“We used the time to keep staff employed, do deep cleaning, painting, and remodeling,” Kyriadikis said. “The epidemic reinforced what we already knew– that our restaurant provides more than just food. It’s a place for people to connect.”

“Everything we represent as a brand reverberates now more than ever,” Kyriakidis said. He went on to say he can’t thank the Chattanooga community enough for their continual support of the restaurant, and for choosing to spend their dollars locally, especially during a time such as this.

For the community that has poured out so much love and support for 25 years, Acropolis thanks you so much. The entire staff is grateful for each customer who chooses to support them, and they look forward to many more years.

25 Years Chattanooga Giveback

In honor of 25 years of Acropolis Grill, as a ‘Thank you’ to the Chattanooga community and in light of current events, the Kyriakidis family will match every $25 gift card purchased this July, up to $2000. Those funds will then be donated to a local nonprofit.

We ask for your input, as Acropolis Grill is taking community nominations for local nonprofits to donate to.

To nominate a non-profit or charitable organization, please enter their name below.

To purchase a gift card and help the Kyriakidis give back to the community that has supported them for more than 25 years, click below. Any number of $25 gift cards may be purchased, and those funds will be matched and donated to one or more of the nominated local organizations. Thank you for your patronage, your friendship, and your unending support.

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