A Big, Fat Greek Thanksgiving

Turkey, all the traditional side dishes and desserts cover the table, as family and friends mingle about, laughing and comparing recipes. Thanksgiving in the Kyrikidis family is a big, fat Greek celebration. Family, friends and even strangers gather around the table to celebrate the many blessings God has bestowed upon their lives.

Patriarch Teddy Kyrikidis taught his children and those around him to be thankful for the all the many blessings in life, both big and small. He lived through times of despair and bounty, but was always so appreciative of the opportunities God gave him. When he came to “God’s country” he came with little more than a dream. Just like the immigrants that settled centuries before, Teddy came to America looking for opportunity and a better life.

As the family grows, there are more place settings added each year. Last year marked the first time that the family had dinner at the restaurant. In addition to the family and friends gathered around, there were extra guests. A couple traveling from Canada saw the cars scattered through the parking lot and stopped in for lunch. Realizing the restaurant was not open for business, the couple turned to leave when they were stopped and asked to join the family in a Thanksgiving meal. Hospitality is held in high regard in the Greek community and in the Kyrikidis family. Every year they open their doors and welcomes everyone to join them.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but the spirit of the holiday embodies the principals of the Greek culture. The holiday is devoted to gathering together, sharing food and laughter, celebrating life and all its many blessings. “We cry when we are happy, we cry when we are sad. We drink when we’re happy, we drink when we’re sad. We’re always looking for any excuse to gather together,” Betty says.

This holiday season, we hope that you join together with family and friends in celebration and Thanksgiving of all of life’s many blessings.

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