Happy Greek Independence Day!

March 25th is when Greeks celebrate their independence. It was on this day in 1821 that the Greek Revolution began fighting for Independence against the Ottoman Empire. This holiday coincides with the onset of Spring, the feast of the Annunciation and the approach of Easter.

But don’t worry, your favorite Greek restaurant will be open!

Everything might be closed in Greece on March 25th, but Chattanooga’s favorite Greek restaurant won’t be! At Acropolis we share meals with others, focus on nutrition and celebrate life to share the Greek dining experience. Rich flavors, an abundance of seasonings and a diverse array of foods culminate to create a cuisine that is as delicious as time-honored.

Celebrate with us and our traditional dishes.

Olives, breads, wine and vegetables have been staples of Mediterranean diets since long before 1821. Traditional Greek foods relied heavily on what was available throughout that region seeking its independence. The climate produces an abundance of lemons and olives, making them a common ingredient in virtually all dishes. Likewise, the country’s close proximity to water means fish and seafood are dietary staples. While the country has no short supply of meat, much of the region’s diet focuses on a variety of vegetables.

The most Greek thing about us? Sharing the day with you.

It’s not our ingredients or the focus on the Mediterranean Diet that makes our Greek cuisine unique, it’s the importance placed on dining together with our Chattanooga friends and family. Greek culture places significance in eating together, turning a meal into a social event. Eating like a Greek is more than enjoying fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wines. It’s turning everyday meals into a celebration. Spending time together around the table laughing and relishing the company of others is the true cornerstone of Greek dining.

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