The Benefits of Chattanooga Patio Dining

There are few things better than enjoying company and laughter while dining on fresh flavors and sipping wine on the patio. Not only is outdoor dining relaxing, eating al fresco is filled with health benefits. Enjoying the warm sunlight can be a significant mood booster- which is no surprise. Boost your mood and make your meals more enjoyable when you join us for lunch or dinner on the patio.

It’s more than just breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the sun. When you enjoy a meal outside your body enjoys an extra dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens your immune system, prevents bone disease, is beneficial to your heart and keeps you healthy. Enjoy the tastes of the Mediterranean with a side of sunshine and vitamin D. Studies have also reported what we already know, people who get more sunlight are happier and less likely to suffer with anxiety and depression.

Next time you dine with friends and family, ask for a table on the patio. Between the great food, prompt service and fresh air, you won’t be able to deny that dining al fresco really does make your meal better. Enjoy our Hamilton Place restaurant from the comfort of the patio.

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